Pasquale LaMontagna

Well I'm not originally a Torontonian, but a Calgary born Okanagan raised quasi farm boy who never saw a big city until he was 19.

I am a professional animator and have been doing this and that for about eight years. It was never the technique or style that enspired me but the people I work with and the subject matter I work on. I have an ambition for things meaningful.

Some of the best opportunities I've had to work on such gems are:

The Dark Years, with John Halfpenny, Chuck Gammage, Firas Momani, France Dangle, and Chris Land.
My Titanic Uncle, with Astra Burka.
Eleven in Motion, with Madi Piller, Tara Schor, and other friends of T.A.I.S.

Welcome to my portfolio page.

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